[Ranked] ReeK – The Everlasting Calamity That Shifts The Time – Space Continuum On A Nanosecondal Basis [LEVEL 3]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
908 210
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Mapper: jabobgaming

longe song name wtf reek
gaming map with a guest dif from helloiamdaan!! (hello daan))
Ex+ by Jabob (Jabob’s Calamity)
Ex+ as Ex by Helloiamdaan (Daan’s In Space)
H by Jabob (Hours (Ex))
N by Jabob (Minutes (H))
E by Jabob (Seconds (N))
Massive thanks to Timbo and Altrewin for the mod and Complex for all the bpm changes!
enjoy 😀
for ronk
thank you to narwhal for the qat feedback and making this map pog
Star Estimate: 11.1* (mine) 10.5* (daan’s)

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Level Quality0
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