Taragon123 Chroma

MONTERO | Chroma 2.4 tech map

Difficulties Expert+
91 39

Mapper: Taragon123

Now updated for 1.18
Lights got broken by 1.18 so I fixed them and tweaked the lights a little more as well. No changes to bloqs.
Fun fact, the big spiky things in KDA are called tentacles in code… so I expect to see hentai maps on KDA from now on mappers :Kappa:
“!bsr 16720 seems like its actually a pretty decent montero map…. but imagine if pepega?”….. Well I did it PoiPoi

This is my first time really letting loose and mapping tech like this. I really enjoyed it and hope you do too. Thanks Mango for asking me to do this, it’s been a battle to map tech like this well, but I’m thankful that you pushed me to try it.

Please make sure you have chroma 2.4 or higher (https://github.com/Aeroluna/Chroma/releases). I put a lot of work into doing something special for this and without up to date chroma it will very likely break.

Wanna give me some feedback or ask about the fancy enviro? Feel free to come stop by my stream! https://www.twitch.tv/taragon123

*Republished 2022/12/03
-Finally fixed env again (hopefully for good?) Thanks Aalto for the help 🙂
-Minor timing and note tweaks

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