City123 – Roko Tensei and K4nji

Difficulties Expert+
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Mapper: dahdumbguy

I’ve always said that “a good mapper can make an acc map interesting” and heres my latest attempt at doing just that!

Usually when I discover a new pattern or just feel in the mood to test my skills I try to make an attempt at an acc map. These acc maps are always so god awful that I never upload them. That being said, I actually feel like this one is kind of good!

I did this in one day to challenge myself because I was in a good mood after Think Alone turned out to be a huge success! Let me know what you think

Despite being awful, my last acc map (Ultimate Rage) was a huge learning moment for me and I think I improved a ton as a mapper thanks to the huge amount of feedback I got. Hopefully this will be a good learning point aswell!

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