Camellia feat. Reol – FLASHBACK

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
1761 90
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Mapper: Joshabi

Genuinely, did not know Camellia had done a song with Reol so this was a pleasant surprise for me, not only that but it slaps!

This map is going for ranked! Feedback so far has been appreciated from:
Rocker, Tieeli, Tseska, Altrewin!

Ranked Status: Ranked

Here is a video of Coolpick playing it!

Mapped Stats:
Hard | NPS: 4.91 | SPS: 4.39 (peak 6.0)
Expert | NPS: 6.47 | SPS: 5.27 (peak 6.9)
Expert+ | NPS: 8.35 | SPS: 6.21 (peak 8.9)

Feedback to my twitter or discord at Joshabi#7886

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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