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Malhari – Bajirao Mastani v1.1

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Dance to the moves from the Malhari music video! If you haven’t seen it, check out the original music video here:

The chart is designed to emulate the whole music video quite closely, so you should be able to do almost all the moves in the MV including chopping, kicking, hopping, manly posing, sitting cross legged, etc. and still hit the squares 🙂

I had a previous upload of this (now deleted) with too many bombs, so I’ve reworked the difficulty levels.
Normal – No bombs. Get a feel for the movement and positioning of the chart.
Hard – Very few bombs to suggest where you should be posing.
Expert – Few bombs to suggest where you should be posing.
ExpertPlus – The chart is exactly the same as Expert but all the (too many) bombs are included here. If you successfully hit the squares before the bombs and then hold the pose through the bomb tunnel you should not have any problems! 🙂

I’ve made a video for expert/expertplus in case you need help with the timing and choreography. It has clicks for all the squares turned on and the mirrored music video synced up –

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    Great BeatMap

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