Odo – Ado

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Mapper: discordhobo

A High intensity and energy filled song by Japanese singer Ado who is only 18 years old and she is putting out bangers like this already.

Beatmap and lighting created by Yours truly and was playtested by a few people. 1 of them was extensively testing for me. THANKYOU KING!

I was initially annoyed with the lack of exercise maps in Beat Saber. So this is my contribution to that group of songs. This one utilises alot of walls to push the player to move and “Dance” to the song.

There is an option for the song with the same mapping but removed the Crouch walls for those people who either don’t want to play for the full exercise or have long term health issues etc. I would rather not have people not be able to experience a great and fun time.

18 Hours spent creating alone. There is some interesting scissor and double directional patterns which might not work initially, but keep trying them. they do flow incredibly well into each other.


128 BPM – 875 notes – 4.15 NPS – 3:28 sec – 223 to 253 walls – 107 bombs

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