Thanks for Crashing Me – t+pazolite (EPILEPSY WARNING)

Difficulties Easy Expert+
35 6
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Mapper: DankruptMemer

This collaboration between Loloppe and DankruptMemer was well… very interesting. This is one of the strangest – if not the strangest – songs both of us have ever worked on. This chart was quite something to make and we both hope that you enjoy the experience that is this map.

And no, there isn’t a fly buzzing right by your ear.

DankruptMemer charted the notes while Loloppe tries to give you seizures with the lighting.

Link to song in case you want to listen to this oddity for some reason:


Thanks for Crashing Me – t+pazolite
From the Album “Answer from X Girlz”

Difficulty: Expert+, Easy (No notes, just lighting)
190 BPM | Full Song
2068 Blocks | 10396 Lighting Events
Crazy Loloppe Lighting

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