Foolish Of Me – Seven Lions, Jason Ross & Crystal Skies feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1022 16
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Mapper: jafdy

Requires Noodle Extentions and Chroma.
The map can take a minute to load, it’s big OK.

Many thanks to ItsVasili, Isaac7EVEN, Mahidrian#0001 and vaser888 for their contributions. You can find their other maps here:

jafdy’s E+: Mod chart (Mapped by me)
Vasili’s E+: Standard (Mapped by ItsVasili)
Isaac’s E+: Standard (Mapped by Isaac7EVEN)
Mahi’s E+: Standard (Mapped by Mahidrian)
Lightshow: Lights by me
Standard: Easy, Normal and Hard Standard (Mapped by vaser888)


Mod Chart Demo:

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