Rivers in the Desert (Custom Platforms) [Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Soundtrack] – Shoji Meguro ft. Lyn Inaizumi

Difficulties Expert+
465 29
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Mapper: Joetastic

This map comes with a custom platform that features Joker Dancing! He does block you seeing the notes though, so put on zen mode and enjoy his moves ^^

Download it here under “Rivers in the desert.plat”: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HczoJHRKKtPQjBNZNAAUbJkz3WR-Iae5?usp=sharing

Custom platform mod for v1.16.1: https://github.com/affederaffe/CustomPlatforms/releases/tag/v6.1.4

The platform has an override camera which might not work with camera 2. Remove the camera 2 mod to allow cinematic camera to override the main screen.

Credits: Motion: Atlus (P-Studio), Motion capture: Nadia Inc, Conversion: Seto, Camera: MrPolarBear.

“Rivers in the Desert” is a song from the Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Soundtrack. It is composed by Shoji Meguro with vocals by Lyn Inaizumi.

This map was a special request by https://www.twitch.tv/rategyro

Custom Persona 5 colors as requested.

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  1. Light Phoenix says:

    Honestly the lights are almost seizure inducing, and I don’t have any history with it

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