Tokyo Machine – PAUSE (Modchart)

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Mapper: nitronik.exe

RE-UPLOAD because of one single f-ing note that got placed on accident.

I remixed “Tokyo Machine – PLAY” to make this cursed abomination, and made a modchart with Noodle Extensions and Chroma for Beat Saber!

Preview Video:

This would absolutely not be possible without the amazing Pixelguy! He not only helped me learn Noodle Extensions but even supervised me through much of the creation process to make sure everything was going alright!

Check him out here:

Thanks as well to Mawntee for testing and helping me fine tune the effects!

Check him out here:

Disclaimer: Only Expert and Expert+ are Noodle’d

Un-modded map:

Questions or feedback? Dm me on Discord: nitronik.exe#7974

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