Obama Beatbox + Rude Buster

Difficulties Expert+
17 5

Mapper: Seaweed_

Hello👋 my name📛 is Obama and I🙋 jist wanted⚠ to let you know🤔🤔🤔 I🙋 know🤔🤔 how🤔 to beat bix with a little bit auu ptptptptppt yeaahhh ptptpttttptpt, no😣😣😣 obama your👉👉👉 doing it wrong you gotta do it like😄😄 this⬆ 헝가리 왕국 있는 것은 아니다, your👉👉👉 both wrong I🙋🙋 can beatbox than both fo you, cause🎗🎗🎗 I🙋🙋🙋 can do a little bit a تقرقهقخصخيرقرقخيخ قنثخيهيعقرقهثمثنقوق yes👍👍👍 I🙋🙋🙋 win🏆🏆ptptptptppt yeaahhh ptptpttttptpt ptptptptppt yeaahhh

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