Awakening – Psyqui

Difficulties Expert+
2 6

Mapper: dahdumbguy

To say that this map took a long time to make would be a huge understatement. This map is crazy, and it took a crazy amount of time to make. I am really happy with how it turned out and I hope you guys enjoy this as well!

After I finish this next map I plan on not mapping rap music anymore. I got back into futurecore / futurebass and I plan on mapping that kind of music instead. Rap music is hardly ever mapped for a reason. Its really really really difficult to make a good rap song map without spending an absurd amount of time. Due to this, ive struggled alot in the past with making a fun and challenging drop.

My goal with my maps has always been to take songs that I like and show them to everybody else in a creative way. And dont worry, I dont plan on changing this anytime soon!

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