[REUPLOAD] Exit This Earth’s Atomosphere (Camellia’s ”PLANETARY//200STEP” Remix) 2

Difficulties Expert+
30 14

Mapper: kizuflux

Reup AGAIN because of a sneaky DD somewhere. Thanks to Water and Aimedhades16 for telling me 😀

I feel bad for reuploading this because Tyrits already passed it (congrats btw you’re crazy), but I have to do it for the sake of the map.
REUPLOAD: changed njs to 21 because it was too high
Exit 2 is out wooh!
The first exit map I made was the hardest map I’ve ever made, and this one is just nowhere compared to the first one. This is probably the hardest map I will ever make and I have no idea if anyone will be able to ever pass this. It would be a miracle to see a pass of this map. I remember how ecstatic I felt when I saw Duh and cerret pass exit 1, so I can’t even think about how I’ll feel when I see a pass of this, even on 70% speed.
This might sound ironic, but, please enjoy!

P.S. There are NO triangles/double directionals in this map, but due to the strangeness and technicality of a lot of the patterns (readability-wise and intensity of twists), it might be easier to triangle some of the patterns. Though since the map was intended to have no triangles, you might have to cancel the triangle with another one everytime you do. Good luck!

Very cool NPS of 11.11 btw 🙂

(Pls contact on Discord if u see mismap thank. Kizuflux#3866)

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