{Modchart} Duumu & Slyleaf – Illuminate

Difficulties Hard Expert
2146 40
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Mapper: Swifter

## IMPORTANT: This map will most likely be broken if you just hop into it. Please take the time to configure your game properly if you want to see it how it was intended. I know, it’s super annoying, but there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s no better system. Basically if the intro to the map is white for like more than a second, you see the BTS logo, or if your walls look +’s than it’s broken.

– Use the newest versions of Chroma and NE (Available on ModAssistant), they’ll allow for you to actually use the new environment enhancements. New NE will also SIGNIFICANTLY increase performance. I have not tested if this is playable on previous versions of NE.
– Use all effects on lights. Remember this is expert not E+ so you need to adjust the “Environment Effects” setting. This map is by no means intense, but no flickering wasn’t built for chroma and will break the lighting.
– Turn off shockwave, as there’s a bug where it cuts off distortion effects on walls that are under you
– Turn on bloom, Beat Saber tries to make baked lighting on walls and they break on Noodle walls. You can ignore this if you have the mod that fixes this, although I don’t know how the look will change.
– Please disable NJSFixer, as this completely breaks the walls 🙁

I’ve spent equal, if not, MORE time on this than Homesick. This map utilizes the new Chroma environment enhancements. I really went all out with it. I think this map is really unique and there are few, if not NO other maps so far that offer the experience this map gives right now.

This song means a lot to me. I’ve had this song added since summer 2019, it came up in my recommended and I fell in love with it. It’s such an incredible vibe and it makes me feel super comfy. Duumu or Slyleaf, if you’re reading this, you’re incredible. I am yet to find any other song that makes me feel like this. I really hope you enjoy seeing what I imagine when listening to it.



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  1. evrqst123 says:

    I really enjoyed this one. Great effects. I had no problems hitting the notes. I made a mixed reality video of this map.

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