Various Artists – Beat Saber OST Megamix

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Mapper: Alphabeat

It’s the 3 year anniversary of Beat Saber! What better way to celebrate than with an ultimate megamix of all the songs from the Beat Saber Original Soundtracks, mapped by the Alphabeat team!

The map includes:
– 5 Standard difficulties, all mapped by various members of the team.
– Chroma support for note color changes and lighting.
– A wild ride.

We hope you all enjoy this passion project from us!
And a huge thank you to the game and music we’re all here for, Beat Saber.

Links to the Alphabeat team members who helped work on this project:
@Timeweaver – Organiser, Project Manager, Mapper
@Pixelguy – Compiler, Scripter, Cover Artist, Mapper/Lighter
@Jamman360 – Megamix Producer, Mapper/Lighter
@nitronik.exe – Mapper/Lighter
@Lethrial – Mapper/Lighter
@FireStrike_ – Mapper
@ETAN – Mapper/Lighter
@JohnnyDee – Mapper
@Shan_Man – Mapper
@McChucho – Mapper
@Bytrius – Mapper

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