Kikuo – Kara Kara Kara No Kara

Difficulties Expert+
139 13
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Mapper: aimedhades16

8 minute map that like only 2 people are gonna be willing to finish, nonetheless I had some good fun mapping this with Eop. Thank you for collabing with me on this, I wouldn’t have been able to map this with out your help. Thank you to Tornado and Sehria for testing out my half, and Calvin for going through the painful 8 minutes of both mine and Eop’s section, very much appreciated.

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  1. Fatalution says:

    Awesome map, just awesome.

    Yes, it’s Hades tech. Yet, it’s really toned down here compared to some really hellish (hehe) other maps by AimedHades. This one starts off mild to ease you in the flow and becomes crazier and crazier by the end of the song – therefore representing the actual lyrics and the theme of the song itself.

    Took me a couple of tries to pass, but boy is this a joy to play.

    The lightshow is vanilla lights – but I can see it was manually done. I always appreciate this and I can safely say that you can leave the lights on for this one.

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