Silentroom – Nhelv

Difficulties Expert+
12 10

Mapper: aimedhades16

I’ve been working on this map for quite a while, trying to create new and innovative patterns that are not only hard to read but flow well. Needless to say this is the map I’m most proud of, maybe at some point ill make a v2 of this and give it the Exit treatment.

P.S. There are NO triangles/double directionals in this map, but due to the strangeness and technicality of a lot of the patterns (readability-wise and intensity of twists), it might be easier to triangle some of the patterns. Though since the map was intended to have no triangles, you might have to cancel the triangle with another one everytime you do. Good luck!
(Stolen Shamelessly From Kizu)

We sit at a whopping 12.17 NPS

(reupload, nuggies found an actual dd, smh. also made some smaller angle adjustments.)

Sorry Jack and Mystrik, we go agane.

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