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Burnt Rice – Shawn Wasabi

Difficulties Expert
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Shawn Wasabi ruined my sushi.

What I like with playing music games is that I always end up discovering a ton of new artists. Thanks to Purphoros, I now know Shawn Wasabi!

A few words about Purphoros: he's one of those mappers that's constantly pushing the community ahead with new maps, innovative patterns, and ever increasing difficulty. The difficulty bit can't be overstated. It's very hard to make a difficult map playable, on bit, with good flow. Well Purphoros can do that. The only problem is that I'm not good enough to play most of his songs yet! The day will come I'm sure.

Well, Burnt rice is one of those songs I can play. It's full of interesting and tricky patterns that match the song really well. This is not a "flowy" song; its beats are strong and well defined and the mapping matches that very well. It's filled with lots twitch movement and it's going to make you move!

There's a few readability issues, mostly in the wall sections. I'm also not quite sure about the no arrow section near the end. Can't tell if it's on beat or not, so I end up flailing wildly and hoping for the best.

Mapper: Purphoros

Expert Only + Events
Time: 2:02
Bpm: 160
Notes: 583
Obstacles: 10

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