Mapper: monstor

For my second map, I present an oldie-but-goodie twice over:
Paul Desmond’s & Dave Brubeck’s 1959 “Take Five”, remixed by JETT.A, with supporting drum-n-bass percussion from the mid-2000s at 170 BPM.
I was fascinated by this remix because JETT.A did not attempt to cast the 5/4 beat into a 4/4 time signature, like every other remix out there.
The 5/4 timing and that hypnotic swing remain intact, but with timing consistent enough for a new mapper like me to work with it.

Easy: 1.13nps/10 njs
Normal: 2.05nps/12 njs
Hard: 2.56nps/16 njs

SPS per difficulty:
[‘Easy: 1.17’, ‘Normal: 2.08’, ‘Hard: 2.62’]
Percent Decrease from previous difficulty:
[‘Easy: 43.75%’, ‘Normal: 20.61%’]

Check out JETT.A’s album, Jazz Recolored, for updated takes on jazz standards.

Many thanks to the inspiring people over at the BSMG discord for their test plays, feedback, ideas, and always helpful mapping discussions.

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