Mapper: Mystikmol

3rd time mapping is the charm LMAO going for rank!

Finally ranked! (5 difficulties included)

Amazing lights by Moriik! He did these lights years ago for my original remap but they still look unbelievably beautiful.

You know I couldn’t let go of this banger that easily! I feel like this song has been a benchmark in my journey as a Beat Saber mapper so it’s always fun to go back to it. This is potentially my last remap as it went for rank. I hope you guys enjoy!

I by Chroma

From SDVX IV Heavenly Haven

BPM: 225

Thank you Fnyt and Uninstaller for the mods!

Thank you FatBeanzoop, Ghilo, Klow, Luxas, cerret and Duh for the playtests and or feedback!

Chart by Mystikmol Lessss goooooooo B)

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