Ringed Genesis [90°/360°][R]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1994 123
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Mapper: That_Narwhal

Finally its done. and now rankable!

This map was 100% a learning process but i think i understand how to make a good 90° and 360° now.

I hope this map is fun and shows what a 90° map really can be, i strongly think that they could be a future that we will be part of in this game. (Hence why i named the 90° diff what I did)

Also rankable 8 star diff and lower cuz i can 🙂

Reupload #2
-Fixed dd at end of 360
-Fixed this weird 180 degree in exp+

If anyone has any feedback to better this map DM me @That_Narwhal#0420 on discord <3

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