[NoodleJams Vol.1] DIO – Holy Diver

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
940 23
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Mapper: Cyrix

Part of NoodleJams vol. 1. Check out the rest of the pack here https://bsaber.com/noodlejams-vol-1/

A very old song, but quite influential on music. This was recorded before using metronomes in studio albums was the standard, so drifting BPM meant every note had to be timed manually to some degree, but I think it was worthwhile in the end. Thanks to Qwasyx and AaltopahWi for testing.

Normal 1.97 NPS / 12 NJS
Hard 2.84 NPS / 14 NJS
Expert 4.20 NPS / 17 NJS
Expert+ 5.04 NPS / 19 NJS

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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