[Soup Cartel] SP-# – Tinnitus

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
8 4

Mapper: soupcartel

This map is rankable now and will be queued eventually :tm: (see below)

The mappers involved in making the main 5 diff spread that is going for rank are DFeth (Hard), Cat Using a Toaster (Easy and Normal), and Night Xrose (Expert and Expert+)
Also would like to credit Fvrwrd and ComplexFrequency for modding especially on the expert+ diff as there were many challenges to tackle.
Would also like to say thank you to all who playtest this map and played the previous version as it helps create a better one.

A nice lawless diff was also contributed by Lobsterrrrrrrr

BPM: 208, SPS for each diff below
E+: 11.24
E: 10.06
H: 6.67
N: 4.98
Easy: 3.55

Brought to you by Soup Cartel

(P.S. It will be a long while before this is queued but it will eventually)

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