Shelter In Your Reality (Shelter x DDLC) [Re-map] – Emdyion & Ninja Sen3.14

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Mapper: DirtyAlex

So I decided to re-map an old song I had done in 2019. This was my second ever map. There are 3 difficulties on this map – Original Version, Re-map of Original, and New Version.

Original Version – This is the original map I made in 2019, nothing has been changed here. This difficulty is for comparisons sake.

Re-map of Original – This is my attempt to clean up the original version and make it in a bit more of my current style. But since the original was so bad, I had to change a lot so its pretty much a different map all together. For some reason, the lighting broke on this difficulty. There are also some timing issues as this song is a bitch to get in beat due to variable bpms.

New Version – This is how I would map this song today, ignoring the original. This also has a few timing issues which I wasn’t able to fix. The lighting for this difficulty should have been the same as the previous difficulty, but as I said, it broke on the previous difficulty.

This mashup is incredible. It’s rare when you come across something like this at this quality. It combines the 2 things I love most. EDM and DDLC. If you haven’t played Doki Doki Literature Club yet, I urge you to try it. It’s a free game after all!

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