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*A general core mod (like SongCore) is required. You can play without it, but the saber will revert to its normal color and the lighting will be weird.

This song is used in EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME.

It is very similar to 11170 CH editon 0706, with the same rhythm and tempo as 11170,
but clearly different in terms of song length and the presence of chorus, and slightly different sound effects and mastering from 11170.

The mapping and lighting are also changed from 11170. The first half of the song is mostly taken from 11170, but the second half of the song is designed to have more changes from 11170 in order to clarify the difference between paris and 11170.

The colors of the saber and basic lights are set in reference to EVANGELION UNIT-01,
while the boost lights are set in a light blue color adjusted in reference to “Ayanami Blue” and a bright red color representing flames in honor of the song’s lyrics “Paris a city burning”.
The color of the walls is also based on the AT field.

With all due respect to the composer of this song, Shiro SAGISU, and all the arrangers, I hope you enjoy this song!

Note: For the song titles, the linguistically correct notation is “Paris”, but here I use “paris”, referring to the names on the soundtrack and the composer’s liner notes.

Previous work (11170 CH edition 0706)

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