Grandma Segs Chronicles

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Mapper: plasim

this actually happened to me, when i was a kid.
and uh, its very sad and i would like to uh demonstrate it with a little song that i wrote, just now but i’ve never sung it before.
giggly bitchery by flazzix and his other friend – you ok? fuck that -its not funny man it actually happened.
So once upon a time with you sitting here, and i remember.. your sweet little fuckin pussy howle.
But now, i see you naked, with my grandmother, it huRTs me every single fkn time.
tempo picks up please daddy please, noises fuckin noises (chorus continues with noises)

– is he crying? you good jac? i know its hard for you to sing this ”its a real story” – its alright jac
”ITS FUCKIN TREUE” – its ok buddy, its ok buddy – you fucked your grandma? – its ok buddy we all make mistakes
”it wasnt a mistake tho..” more bitchy giggling
-which grandma did you fuck jacob? cries ”four of them..” -wait you have FOUR grandmas?
cries i dont even know what hes saying – finishes the song
-the fuck is this kid’s problem? ”all of them” – is he crying? ”yes” proceeds to the door
”im gonna go fuck my grandma now” – you just sang a song about how you fucked her and now you’re crying
”im gonna go see her now” ”kid died” opens the door
– he’s just, he’s just fuckin goin! oh-h he’s j- YOU LIED

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