Jazz Jackrabbit 2 – Main Theme

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Mapper: Sp234

Jazz Jackrabbit 2…….a nostalgic childhood game to some, back in the old days the first Ost the player would hear aside from the game intro was the narrator pumping the jazz and starting the music.

The composer **Alexander Brandon**, who is responsible for many great video game scores such as Unreal Tournamnet 1999, left his mark his this game as well and this is just but a small piece !

Today, with a rhythm gam that’s dedicated to music, allow me to give those of you familiar with a somewhat nostalgic flash back to the past !
Featuring a full spread of all standard difficulties and chroma colors to represent Jazz (green) Spaz (red) Lori (yellow) and the narrator of the menu (pink).

Thank you @vaser888 @cyrix @cocoagalaxy @monster and the BSMG for providing much needed feedback to help forge this map !

Map preview by Javierattor –

Hope you enjoy 🙂 !

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