2.3. Advanced

Oniyuri SDVX

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
869 259
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Mapper: Mystikmol

5 diffs!

About 8 months and it is finally (I think) being placed in queue. I’m poppin off lez GOOOOO

I cannot thank enough everyone who’s helped me in making this mind map dude omg.

Thank you so much Vasili and Uninstaller for modding. The timings were super tricky so I’m super grateful to you guys!

Thank you Fraies, Puds and Oddloop for helping me time certain sections. I wouldn’t be able to do it without ya’ll!

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

I did most of the mapping on all diffs but Pug is credited as a collaborator as I used his banger idea in his Oniyuri map.

Oniyuri by Penoreri

BPM: 153

Chart by Mystikmol jhsagdflkjdfg

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