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John Powell – Test Drive (HTTYD) – How to Train Your Dragon

Difficulties Expert+
110 11
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The patterns follow some kind of movement which I believe was from the trailer or movie scenes. Most of them are fun especially the part where I imagine myself as a flying dragon. However, there are some mismaps, vision blocking notes and wall, as well as awkward flow present to achieve that. Hence why the mapping could be better if it can be fixed on some parts.

Mapper: Feuermagier

I redesigned the original map by Stumi together with him.
This Version is of higher difficulty with faster patterns.
Also a few additional Visual-Effects and fixes.
I hope you all enjoy.

“It really feels like flying now”

Go get your Dragon !

Original Map with easier Versions:

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  1. Shabazza says:

    Same problem as Stubi’s version. Just a tad less pronounced.
    The audio track is clipping badly in louder passages. It’s no joy that way.
    Please try to find a version with proper audio leveling.

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