That’s How I Beat Snake – James Roach and Toby Fox

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
6 13

Mapper: NeveraARon

Great track by James and Toby, made for the Hiveswap OST, this is also my first map so don’t judge it too much. I also used a block pattern inspired by SaltyStranger

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I have an updated version of this track, but this site refuses to accept it

You are now Joey Claire:


You haven’t really been up to date on what you have for school work, but that’s not really want on your mind right now, Jude would consider you “check inventory” of your Backpack, but the daily stresses of school sort of got to you today earlier. The Backpack stays put for now.
Right Now you are currently playing a game your SNES, the gameplay is sort of relaxing but the voice of the main character sure isn’t-. Oh, and there’s you’re brother knocking on your bedroom door, and great he has his Walkie-Talkie, a few pogs, and he’s wearing his Sherlock Holmes Detective Cap. What’s his deal!

Jude: Joey, I’ve been trying to contact you via The Walkie Talkie for the past hour over and over.

Joey: …

Joey: ok I sorta took the batteries out for… something else. It was a long time ago so i dunno. over- er, i mean-

Jude: You should really stay more organized, so in any situation like this, lack of communication doesn’t become an issue.
But other than that, Tesseract has gone missing. NO SIGN OF HER ANYWHERE ON HARLEY MANOR PROPERTY.

Joey: oh! um, well judging by your entrance, i thought you’ve finally unraveled one of your conspiracy theories, but nope, you’ve lost track of tess.

Joey: sorry, was that a bit too harsh?

Jude: was just tactical blunder on my part, we should both probably work on keeping all assets accounted for.

Joey: alright, i’ll make sure i do that, but our dog is our responsibility, unless.. our baby sitter is here, and going on a little adventure might actually be a little more fun than what I was doing here honestly

Joey: actually speaking of our baby sitter, it could be possible that tess could have ran off to her lab.

Jude: NOT LIKELY. Recalcitrant to the smell of alcohol and faint cat residue.

Joey: um… hmm, probably, what was the cat’s name again? i swear it began with a j. oh well forget it, i’ll grab my flashlight then, it kinda looks like it’s getting dark.

Jude: Right, I already have prepared a list, of all the items we need to set on this adventure, and your flashlight will be useful, especially to ward off any assailant who might be following our trail.

Jude: I have also planned our avenue of search: we will start by searching the local neighborhood, then at exactly 23:11, we will start patrolling the nearby forest to avoid being apprehended by Hauntswitch PD for disrupting town ordinance.

Joey: nice debriefing, anyway yeah, curfew. can’t forget the usual suburban tropes in this kind of place, buut i could always just call our baby sitter-

Jude: Joey…

Joey: OK! we’ll just.. ok we’ll flip a coin on this!

Jude: Leaving the — of our next action up to chance might seems fair, but you always swap the side that’s “Face Up” to the back of your hand at the slightest moment if the flip isn’t in your favor.

Joey: sigh, jude, people always do that, i dunno why-

Jude: Joey!

Joey: fine, i’ll just let it drop to the floor!

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