Starship – We Built This City

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Reviewed Expert:

A song with an anthem that’s very fitting for a collaboration project between a few of the pillars that helped “build" this amazing Beat Saber community.

Legendary mappers Rustic, BennyDaBeast and GreatYazer joined forces to give us one of the most fun maps to come out in a while for Beat Saber. I don’t know the mapping process that the 3 used (the last one, they broke the map up into sections and each mapped a part), but unlike other collaboration projects I’ve played, this one works really well and seems to combine each of the mapper’s strengths to create one cohesive map without a noticeable change in style.

It’s not as “danceable” as some of Benny’s other songs, it doesn’t have quite the same level of buttery smooth flow that Rustic’s maps sometimes have, but… parts of those characteristics have combined to create a new, unique blend that makes for a map you don’t want to miss. Download this now!

Mapper: Rustic

Collab map between BennyDaBeast, Rustic and GreatYazer
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