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dark cat – BUBBLE TEA

Difficulties Hard Expert
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Curator’s Note

After playing this map I can safely say that I love every iteration of Bubble Tea that I am aware of currently available to me in this reality: the delicious drink bursting with boba, the treasured dance track released in 2016 by dark cat, and now this cheerful chart based on the former brought to us by roeek in two difficulties: Expert & Hard. Expert is a little challenging, with some faster (though somehow still upbeat and happy) streams and patterns dispersed throughout, which help to keep the player engaged in the music the entire time. That being said, even on Expert the song isn’t restrictively difficult, so if you’re looking for a challenge map you might be disappointed; however, I still think you should play it for fun. If you find the expert version is a bit too difficult for you, don’t worry! The Hard Rating is also entertaining and a great way to start learning the map.

You can check out all of rooek’s released maps via my playlist on BeatDrop, a playlist creator & song manager for BeatSaber, by clicking here.

Mapper: Roeek

dark cat – BUBBLE TEA (feat. juu & cinders)
Time: 4:01
Expert: 1087 Notes
Hard: 969 Notes
Hi guys, I’m a bit busy with school right now
so my upload rate is going to slow down for a while..

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Comments (2)
  1. veracosa says:

    Love this map on hard; I keep coming back to it again and again to get it perfect. Nice flow, fits the music nicely.

  2. Isari Kun says:

    Absolutely is my favourite map I have every played. Its fast, but the flow and the rhythm of this mapping could help even a newer player beat this after a little practice. 11/10 song.

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