Minami – Crying for Rain

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In my opinion, this is an iconic song in Beat Saber due to the popularity of squeaksies' ranked version of this map. It is uncommon for players to not have played that map. This collaboration between Joshabi and Alice is a solid iteration of this catchy J-Pop song that does its predecessor justice.

It captures the high-energy vibes of the song in both pattern and lighting quality while maintaining perfect flow throughout. The groove walls are well-placed and have a distinct purpose. This map is sure to satisfy players who want both dance and accuracy as considerations in the maps they play.

Alice is known for having incredible lights and this map is no different. Chroma is utilized to craft an experience that integrates perfectly with Joshabi's notes. The lighting is not overdone or distracting -- it fuses with the rest of the map so perfectly that both creators must have had the same vision for the final product.

It is rare that I enjoy a difficult map like this so much which shows just how well done this map is. While I typically nitpick maps, nothing came to mind throughout my entire playthrough. Everything had its purpose and added to the map quality.

I highly recommend anyone to play this map and work up through the difficulties! 

Mapper: Joshabi

Alt Title: Kawaki wo Ameku
Opening for Domestic na Kanojo | Domestic Girlfriend
I decided that I wanted to map my own interpretation of the song since I love Minami’s music so much,
so here we are with a 5 difficulty spread to the song. The map is very flowy with the walls and the circling
yet not too complex. Alice was kind enough to Collab on this with me and made some exceptionally nice chroma lights,
so please consider turning on chroma and lights for this map!

We both put a lot of time into this map set, so hopefully you
will enjoy the map and the combination with her lights!

Map Preview:
Alice –

(With Chroma)
Joshabi –

Special thanks goes to the following:
General Feedback and Testing:
– Olaf, for testing
– Altrewin, for bpm changes and general feedback

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Comments (2)
  1. Percy PoAsDo says:

    Can’t play the song, it just keeps locked in loading. Do i need some kind of mod to play this? I downloaded song file and unziped into a folder inside custom songs

    1. Kirotaki says:

      Yes You need mods to make it work, i don’t know the precise ones but download ModAssistant and find tutos on youtube to install ModAssistant, Mapping Extensions and Noodle extensions, if you have those 3, you’ll play any map you want !
      Here is a good link where you can install Noodle estensions and Chromas !
      Don’t forget to go watch some tutos on youtube, you will understand more !

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