RiskyCake Electronic J-Pop

Bring It On – Giga-P

Difficulties Expert+
98 47

Overall feel of the mapping is great; notes are on time and visible, but it can use a few adjustments to be extraordinary especially on a few vision blocking notes (notes blocked by notes). It is also a best practice to leave the first few seconds empty because players need to gather themselves to get a feel of the map. I am really liking the pattern making and also more importantly, flow  between them. Flow can be improved with experience so it is not that big of an issue.

Mapper: RiskyCake

Giga-P (ギガP) is a producer, composer, and utaite. He is best known for his high-energy arrange covers and his works featuring Len and Rin. However, he also uses Miku, GUMI, Luka, IA, and even Lily to a degree of success. He has collaborated many times with Orebanana-P, to the extent that together they are known as “Gigabanana”.

Kagamine Rin and Len’s 10th anniversary theme song for Magical Mirai 2018. This song has entered the Hall of Legend.

Discord – RiskyCake#9861

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Comments (2)
  1. RiskyCake says:

    Absolutely, I’m in the process of making other maps, but I will definitely get back around to it to make an expert mode that’s a bit more reserved.

  2. Livi says:

    Could you map this in other difficulties? I love this song!

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