Lucar1o Rock

Midnight Madness

Difficulties Expert+
3 3

Mapper: Lucar1o

Difficulties: Expert+
BPM: 140 | Time: 2:06 | Notes: 919 | Obstacles: 31

Video of song:


This is a neat little collaboration between a song maker (Lyrae) and a mapper (Lucar1o)

Me and Lyrae have known each over for a long time, and since I mapped beat saber songs and he made good music. So it came too naturally that I decided to map one of his catchiest beats. If you like the song please go check out and support my buddy Lyrae, he’s an awesome artist and he deserves way more traction! If you like the map, I’ve got one other currently out, though it’s not as good as this one, it’s still pretty fun!
Support the creators (Lyrae’s soundcloud) (Lyrae’s bandcamp, the song is in his album “Toybox”) (My BEAT SAVER page) (My BEASTSAVER page) (My YouTube page)

-Released the map

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