Medasin – Zora’s Domain

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Video game music is an undermapped genre in Beat Saber so I was ecstatic to see that Todai has taken on a song like this. Anyone who has played other maps from Todai knows to expect superb lighting and this map is no exception. I was lucky enough to playtest this for him many months ago and it's just as enjoyable now as it was then. There are only a few points of criticism to make, none of which detracted from the holistic experience of the map.

First, the jump distance is on the higher end on the Expert+ difficulty and I would have preferred to see the offset slightly lowered. However, I was still able to full combo the map on my first playthrough so it was not map-breaking. Still, I believe that a high jump distance causes players to focus too hard on hitting the notes and may not be able to enjoy the full experience the lighting offers if their mind is too focused on the notes.

Second, some of the notes coming after the walls can feel slightly vision blocky due to them being positioned on the side of the preceding wall.

My final point of criticism is the one bomb placement around halfway in at the end of the bomb spiral. The black (left-handed note) may be better suited to be one column to the right in order to avoid any potential issues skimming the bomb hitbox. This was not an issue with the second bomb spiral as the notes were not in-line with a bomb at the end of that one.

None of these were map-breaking and I enjoyed playing this one thoroughly. As a huge fan of video game music, I would love to see more mappers take on the genre. As always with Todai's maps, the lighting was exceptional and he truly stands out as one of the most talented, vanilla (non-Chroma) lightmappers in Beat Saber.

Excellent work, Todai!

Mapper: todai


Shouts out to my good friends Joey/noxn and SweetLolipop for testing it out and giving feedback nearly 4 months ago!

From Medasin’s amazing Irene 0.5 EP/mix which can be found here:

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