Mystikmol Pop

iLLness LiLin SDVX

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
793 558

Mapper: Mystikmol

4 difficulties included (Normal/Hard/Expert/Expert+) WARNING: Expert+ is extremely difficult!

iLLness LiLin is the “dystopia” counterpart of HE4VEN! Another boss of BEMANI’s popular arcade rhythm game, Sound Voltex (SDVX) is now in Beat Saber! This hi-speed track appeared in the 6th KAC alongside HE4VEN as one of the final songs during the tournament! Infamous for it’s speed, Kaneko Chiharu uses aggressive noises at an insane BPM of 280 while still retaining some of his signature piano melodies. iLLness is one of the 7 level 20s currently out in SDVX!

iLLness LiLin by Kaneko Chiharu
BPM: 280

Chart Information

Song run time: 2:03


Notes: 177
Obstacles: 9


Notes: 659
Obstacles: 0


Notes: 959
Obstacles: 2


Notes: 1622
Obstacles: 5

All maps have been tested and cleared prior to release

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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