The Name of Life – Spirited Away

Difficulties Easy Expert
344 7
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Mapper: Jokidum

Personally, I believe my other Spirited Away map is pretty mediocre, so I mapped the next best thing:
The Name of Life / Inochi no Namae.
My original plan was to remap One Summer’s Day, but I decided against it once I found this similar masterpiece.

P.S . – I drastically shortened the length of this song. This song is actually over five minutes long. I decided to shorten down it as much as I could so things don’t get so repetitive.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. EmeraldFlame says:

    Does this song have some sort of mod dependency? It simply just doesn’t load for me. It shows up in the menu. When I select it, I get the preview music, but the right hand side of the menu with the play button and difficulty information just shows a loading circle.

    This is the only custom song I have this issue on.

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