DHeusta – FETCH (feat. Dawko)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
310 7
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Mapper: Rayman9515

Use the Chroma mod for the best experience!

FETCH is a song based on the first short story in the 2nd Fazbear Frights book. I mapped this song not only because I have mapped the previous two Fazbear Fright songs as well, but because it is such a banger! Possibly my favorite out of all of DHeusta’s songs!
This map has all five Standard difficulties, so everyone can play and enjoy it! I hope you all enjoy.

Expert+ Map Preview:

Shoot any compliments, complaints, or death threats my way @Rayman#9515 on Discord!

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  1. II_Toby_II says:

    Where do you map your songs from, and how do you upload them to this website please?

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