Getty vs. DJ DiA – Fox4-Raize- (Extended Mix)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: fentonthecux

Mapped by myself (FentonTheCuX), ThySpoon, and Fvrwvrd!! Basically the central BC beat saber bois x)

This is by far my biggest mapping project to date and I’m so happy with how all the difficulties turned out. So cool to see so many different styles and how the play on the same relatively straightforward song!

Difficulty Stats:

Fenton’s Hard: 1170 notes at 6.56nps! Simple patterns, easiest difficulty.

ThySpoon’s Ex+: 1590 notes at 8.91nps! Spoon’s signature style, jammer 😀

Fvrwvrd’s Ex+: 1583 notes at 8.87nps! Funky fresh doubles patterns 🙂

Fenton’s Ex+: 1592 notes at 8.92nps! Semi-tech patterns, hardest diff :3

Any and all criticism can be sent to me on discord at FentonTheCuX#0420
Thank you for playing 🙂

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