{Modchart} Essenger – Tenebrous

Difficulties Expert Expert+
264 6
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Mapper: Swifter

This is a project I’ve been holding onto for about 4 or so months now. One day Essenger offered to get me to map an unreleased song for him so we could release the map and the song around the same time. Unfortunately pretty much every single problem in the world came up; my controller needed to be replaced, noodle extensions broke, and Essenger was flooded with work so he couldn’t test it so I ended up having to release way after the original song came out. But it’s finally done. This collab with Essenger has been extremely cool and I hope you guys all enjoy the final product. This is probably the best map I’ve ever made (so far).

This is my first map with 2 difficulties, Expert and Expert+. They both use noodle extensions and custom colors. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Gameplay video:


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