The Covenant – Droptek

Difficulties Expert+
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Epic employment of environment, fresh block patterns, stream swap-ups, AND ultra-hype pacing? Yes, please.
Ohmygosh. I love so much about this map, I don’t even know where to start: It’s interesting, innovative, and immersive—but extremely challenging. The wall usage is phenomenal with intuitive placements that actually make me move my head and body in exactly the way that I would want to, even if I wasn’t slashing blocks like a samurai. This epic employment of environment is actually, in my opinion, a hallmark inclusion for this particular mapper and examples can be found even when playing through some of his earliest releases.

The patterns in which you do the slashing blocks like a samurai bit are fun with fresh block placements and fast pacing which makes for awesome flow and entertaining replay. There are some pretty hype build ups throughout, with gradual speed increases, and a pace which may prove fairly difficult for some. In fact, this is one of my only complaints: the map is actually on the more restrictively hard side with no lower rated difficulties. As a result many players my find this to be more of a #goals map; however, I personally think it's enough fun that you wont mind practicing the streams over and over and over....and over again, if need be.

Mapper: ConnorJC

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