[DITR] Last Heroes x Two Worlds Apart (feat. AERYN) – Eclipse

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Ever since I saw the lightshow for this map, I have been anticipating its release. Beat Saver being down was no help, but I say the long wait was worth it! This map has great flow, and since it's a pretty slow map, it almost makes you feel floaty. The walls throughout the map, and the bombs during the chorus, also help create motion without having to slice anything.

Of course, I can't make a review on this map without mentioning the lights. They are truly stunning! Since this map is overall pretty slow, the lights are very noticeable between swings, which makes them stand out as a proper part of the experience, rather than just some background ambiance.

As enjoyable as this map may be, there are bound to be some flaws. There were some timing issues on the vocals here and there, but it's definitely not a major problem in this map. Secondly, some of the bomb walls seemed excessive, some of them obstructed motion rather than create it. One of the cases I distinctly remember was the hit at timestamp 1:50 in the video below, where the right hand is directed towards the bomb wall by the note it is slicing.

These small details don't make this a bad map though, far from it! Eclipse is a map I would recommend any day of the week. Lots of credit to both Bloo and Wolf for working together to make this map. Well done guys!

Mapper: Bloo

I’ve been wanting to map this song for a while and finally got to it as a part of this event.

Huge thanks to Wolfb34 for helping out with this map and giving me advice on how I can make actual good maps. Check his maps out here:

Diamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up with experienced coaches to create a multi-difficulty, curation-worthy map. Keep your eyes on these rookies in the future as their talent develops and read more about the event on Bsaber.com!

Expert+ Preview:

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Track: Last Heroes x TwoWorldsApart – Eclipse (feat. AERYN) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/EclipseYO

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