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Yume Tourou – Radwimps

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: splake

Hey everyone,
BPM 176-178 expert only
full dynamic lighting
Charts created by Splake
Music by Radwimps
From the movie Kimi no na wa or Your Name
English Name: Dream Lantern
special thanks to Fayhe, Squeaksies, Todokete, Clxrffldman and a bunch of other people that i cant remember. Sorry, i asked too many people and didnt keep track.
music here:


I absolutely adore this movie and wanted to map this song along with zen zen the moment i started mapping but I wanted to wait for the Variable BPM to be implemented. The older version is slightly off beat and also not quite to my liking so i decided to manually time the song. No shade to the prior mapper

Thank you to everyone who helped me test, and im sorry that I cant remember all your names (haha). Truly an amazing movie. Possibly not the best but when I watched it, it was a sight to behold. The music captivated me and I can still remember how I felt during the first view of Tokyo. That scene was the most breathtaking moment i have ever seen in a movie and was what truly got me into anime. Thank you to this damn movie.

Hope you all have fun with this one!
Thanks for playing!

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