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“I’m John King and you’re watching CNN. Here.
Lemme show you something. If we go over here to the map… right now it’s showing 2016 results; let me switch it back over to 2020, we can see in the city of Phoenix that Biden is leading by about 192 votes. If we move over here to Tucson, now we can see where things really change. Trump currently takes the lead in Tucson by about 94 votes. Now since Arizona is a swing state, this could be a night and day situat-” *passes out* CNN’s Wolf Blitzer fast walks over to see what could’ve possibly happened. “John! John! Are you alright?” Mr. King slowly wakes up to the sound of ringing in his hears and the voice of Wolf. “Uh, oof, yeah sorry I just finished my 1632nd cup of coffee and must’ve fainted from getting only six and a half hours of sleep.” John leaps up faster than anything you’ve ever seen before. “AND over here we can see-” Wolf cuts him off and says “John you can’t keep running the map anymore. It’s been too long, we’ve been trying to get an alter-” “SHUT UP” John screams. “Anyway, in the state of Florida…” Wolf then walks off camera, knowing that the being that possessed John would never leave his body until a winner is announced for the 2020 presidential election.

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