Louisiana Christmas Day – Aaron Neville [PickleTech]

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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A great Christmas map to get you moving and help compensate for all that holiday eating! TechButterfly's impeccable timing really brings out the jazzy feeling of this song and makes it super fun to play on all the diffs. He has mapped a wide variety of them, so there is something here for every skill level. My personal favourite is the 360, which strikes a nice balance for me between room to dance and being kept on my toes. I found the standard ex plus to be a little more on the challenging side and involve a little more wrist action than some of TechButterfly's other maps, but it was still attainable for players at my level and is sure to appeal to those higher skill level players! On all the diffs, this map will get you moving and make you feel the song! Thanks for another awesome map, TechButterfly!

Mapper: techbutterfly

Wo-oah, it’s all right! It’s gonna be okay! New for 2020, here’s Aaron Neville’s 1993 classic, Louisiana Christmas Day! Turns out zydeco makes for a pretty rockin’ beatmap! Who knew?

This and the other maps MajorPickle and I are putting out for the holidays this year will eventually be collected in our PickleTech Christmas pack from last year. Be sure and check out that pack for even more holiday slicing and dicing fun!

Normal, Hard, Expert, and ExpertPlus standard, as well as a 90 degree expert and 360 degree ExpertPlus. A little something for everyone this holiday season, but be warned, all the diffs are on the spicy side. Just go with the flow and you should be fine!

Big thanks to Maybeemae, MajorPickle, and Brentastic for playtesting!

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