Smaug Pop

7th Element

Difficulties Expert
30 30

Mapper: Smaug

that old meme
Difficulties: Expert
BPM: 120
A lot of walls and head dodging
Original music:

Mapped on stream at
sorry about the difficulty around the walls being too close together, I now made the walls father apart and also fixed some notes.
Though it was impossible, a few people managed to beat it. Congrats to: AtomicX, Nexas, ^1VampDamn, Rekitebai, De Pelos, Sholo, [USSKR]Kindlamb77, LuCkEr-, susch19, Cr1tical, AccursedSlurm, Major_Rage1,Gentroce,, Heppyface, KoyoRed, Madvicius, Clinterpottrmus, ArbalistX, PUNISHED MEAT, Suicunne.

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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