Specialist (Never More ver.) (Custom Platforms) [Persona 4: Dancing All Night Soundtrack] – Shoji Meguro

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: Joetastic

Try this map out with the custom platforms! It adds the animation of Yu Narukami Dancing to Beat Saber! Custom platform mod is needed. Make sure not to change the map speed/pause or the model will go out of sync.


File includes 3 platforms:

Specialist Animation without Sabers – puts the model on the player platform so you can see Yu Narukami up close. This version has no sabers as to not obstruct the player view when playing.

Specialist Animation with Sabers – puts the model far on the highway facing the player so you can play the map while watching the model.

Specialist Animation with Sabers Reversed – puts the model far on the highway but facing away from the player, this way if you record your screen it will show both the model and the player’s avatar in the video!

There is a dynamic camera that is only shown on the main screen!

Yu Narukami (Winter Yasogami Uniform) – Atlus, Seto
Animation – Atlus
Motion convert – MrPolarbear
Camera – MrPolarbear and Seto
Facials – Seto
Shades – ScarlettAckerman
Beat Saber Conversion – SirRaynor

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  1. god damnit says:

    motherfucker forcing me to dance

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