Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano [PickleTech]

Difficulties Normal Expert Expert+
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A great dance-y song to slash boxes to and get you in the Christmas spirit! TechButterfly has crafted a really fun map and once again struck a perfect balance between faster, more challenging riffs and bigger, slower movements that leave you room to dance. The flow, rhythm and timing really make you feel the song! With Expert and Normal standard diffs and an Ex plus 360, everybody can get in on this Christmas cheer. Thanks for another awesome map, TechButterfly!

Mapper: techbutterfly

Merry Christmas, fellow rhythm jedi! This song – like all Christmas songs – has been covered many, many times, but nothing beats the original. It’s Jose Feliciano’s 1970 hit, Feliz Navidad! MajorPickle and I are releasing some new Christmas songs for 2020, and eventually they will be collected into the PickleTech Christmas pack we released last year. If you want some more holiday cheer to swing away to, be sure and check that pack out!

Big thanks to Maybeemae and MajorPickle for playtesting!

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