Wyxi 1.1. Balanced Metal

Aether Realm – She’s Back

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
58 2
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Mapper: Wyxi

Great short song from Aether Realm’s latest album.

Genre: Symphonic melodic death metal
BPM: 210
Difficulties NPS, ranging from Expert+(+) to Hard/Normal:
8.86 – 6.73 – 5.16 – 4.21 – 2.99

The map has been done for a while but I haven’t been able to play to make any more changes, so I’ve kinda just been sitting on the map. Figured I might as well upload it since its basically finished anyway. But I still probably wanna get it ranked at some point so expect reuploads in the future. Wyxi#5211 on discord for feedback/complaints.

Special thanks to Pekini Pei for playtest.

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